This kinetic typography project is a lyric video to the song “Butter” by the k-pop band BTS. The video explores movement by using typography, shape, and color, with dynamic transitions (small and big, fast and slow). Quick movements/animations are used on almost every beat to uphold the liveliness and literal upbeatness of the song. The color palette is comprised of white, pink, a darker pink shade, blue, a darker blue shade and a lighter blue tint, and a bright yellow to match the positive and happy mood of the song. 
K-pop culture is known for vibrant colors as well, which made it even more fitting. Simple shapes such as hearts and stars were used in order to stay within the confines of After Effects, but the generic shapes are also reminiscent of k-pop culture as well. The composition uses several different typefaces of different weights from the type family Obviously to add drama and contrast, but also stay consistent throughout.

•Adobe After Effects

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