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For this class project, I was tasked with creating a cultural book for a developing country of choice for a particular audience. Ecuador and the Beautiful City of Quito is intended to be a travel guide for general adult and young adult travelers on Ecuador’s capital Quito. 
In deciding the overall style of the book, I looked to Ecuador’s indigenous textile designs as inspiration, which influenced the geometric pattern and shapes seen throughout the book. Yellow, red, and blue were also used as the primary color scheme to pay homage to Ecuador’s flag. Photos were used instead of illustrations in order to challenge myself and utilize different design tools, and also to showcase real pictures of the country and people to gain the reader's interest.

•Adobe InDesign
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe Photoshop

Style Guide

Title Page
Table of Contents
Location Topic - Calle la Ronda 
Festival Topic - Fiestas de Quito

Recipe Topic - Canelazo

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